On-Site English Classes (ESL)

English classes (ESL)

Training For A Safer & More Efficient Workplace.

Options include:

  • Full or half day ESL training on a specific topic
  • 6 and 8 week trainings
  • Quarterly, ½ year or full year on-going training

Do you need your staff to

…communicate safety issues?
…write reports?
…respond to emails?
…call in when they are sick?
…move into supervisory rolls?

Do they have the spoken and written English skills to do these tasks?

When Training Is Specific To Your Operations, It Is Amazing How Quickly People Can Learn.

I recently worked with several guys on the loading dock. They had grown up in Colorado working with their parents picking onions and other crops. They had minimal English skills even though they were born and raised here. At work, they had to answer and respond to truck drivers coming into the loading dock.
They needed to communicate schedule, when to come, when their truck would be loaded, etc…

They really struggled on a day-to-day basis communicating these topics in English. There was a lot of miscommunication. Within just the first several weeks of classes, these guys had the vocabulary to communicate scheduling and other issues. Within 3 months they were ‘fluent’ within their work responsibilities – dispatching and writing daily and weekly reports to management.

English classes (ESL)

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Better Communication Is Better Business

“We have a lot of Spanish-speaking employees who know very little English. It is vital that they are trained in safety, but we also needed them to notify a supervisor immediately if the red light came on on their machine. Many of them were too shy (due to language barriers) to notify a supervisor and we ended up losing a $100,000 machine as a result.

Carolyn came to our offices and trained 3 different shifts with English skills specific to our business.

Now, our employees not only speak up when a red light comes on, but they also talk in weekly meetings giving us important information for improving efficiency in the work area.” Vicki


“I have several guys who have worked with me for over 10 years in my construction business. They are so loyal and hard-working. They have the skills and the knowledge to become supervisors and we need them as supervisors, but they didn’t have the written language skills to move into that position. They have now been working with Carolyn for 3 months and the improvement is huge. They are excited about their new skills and their new opportunities as site supervisors.”



“We’ve implemented a new company-wide communication software program. Employees can update their own personal information such as address changes and they can also use it to request time off, vacation dates and sick leave. We noticed that very few of our Spanish-speakers were using it. They also did not have direct deposit set up. We had Carolyn come and train our Spanish-speakers how to use it. We now have about 75% of them using it. It empowers them to do this on their own and it reduces the lines in the HR office!!”


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Carolyn Crowley
CEO, Lead Trainer



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