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Carolyn Crowley

CEO, Lead Trainer

Hello, I’m Carolyn.

I’ve personally helped more than 80 Metro Denver businesses and 4,800 of their staff members learn Spanish for their workplace.

My objective: Deliver a highly accessible training experience that gets you results.

In the workplace, you need Spanish that works for you.

Spanish that…

  • Is customized to your specific business needs
  • Your staff can apply right away
  • Considers your target audience
Having worked with over 80 businesses and 4, 800 adults in corporate and small group settings, I have extensive experience with a wide range of industries and with delivering a highly accessible program that works for you!

My bachelor’s degree is in Spanish.

I completed my degree at Metropolitan State University of Denver, but lived in Puerto Rico as an exchange student at the Universidad de Puerto Rico (UPR), in Río Piedras, Puerto Rico, just outside of San Juan.

My career began in restaurants and bilingual phone sales, then moved to teaching

  • English to Spanish-speakers in a literacy program
  • English to Spanish-speakers in the workplace, specifically manufacturing, food processing and construction
  • Spanish to adults in corporate settings

I’ve learned that very practical and immediate skills are necessary when it comes to Workplace language learning.

Yes, you need everyday language and conversational skills, but you also need very targeted language for your specific industry.

Language that a Paramedic needs is very different from what a Manufacturer needs which is very different from what a Realtor needs.

We also want to consider who your Spanish-speaking audience is:

  • Do you want to communicate with local Spanish-speakers? Or
  • Do your staff members travel to Spain, Mexico and Latin America?

I’ve formally learned Spanish from the academic side, however so much of my learning has come from working directly with Spanish-speakers in a variety of settings.

I’ve observed and practiced Spanish as…

  • a student living in Puerto Rico
  • a traveller in Spain, Peru, Bolivia and Mexico
  • an employee in sales & the telecommunications industry
  • an instructor at the Community College and in other Adult Education programs
  • an interpreter on construction sites, manufacturing meetings and mining safety meetings
  • a translator for social service documents, HR manuals and forklift operating instructions
  • a citizen in our community
  • a corporate trainer, teaching Spanish (and ESL) to local businesses

In the Corporate Training Room…

  • conversation is active and engaging
  • students learn language and gain confidence speaking
  • students get their specific questions answered

Topics often include customer service, workplace safety, travelling abroad, reading and responding to emails, participating in teleconferences, quality control…any workplace communication that needs to happen in Spanish.

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Testimonials & Featured Corporate Students

“Carolyn is very knowledgeable about Spanish. She makes it easy to understand. I’ve learned a lot from her that I’ve already applied at work and have had success.”


“My family spoke Spanish at home when I was growing up so I can kind of understand it, but I don’t speak it. Carolyn has given me the confidence to activate my Spanish so that I can use it.
She has a great presentation, classes are very interactive. The exercises are practical. We all feel so energized after class!”


“The Spanish we learned was relevant to my work. I’m 52 and didn’t think I could learn much, but Carolyn has made it practical and she is very encouraging. I’m amazed by how much I’ve learned. Carolyn is the best! Thank you!!”


Carolyn Crowley
CEO, Lead Trainer



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